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June 4, 2020 | Zach Underwood

What to Imagine: Your Story (Summer Reading 2020)

Summer Reading 2020 isn’t just about reading stories by and about other people – it’s about imagining and creating your own story. Whether you’re telling a story about yourself or your life, or you’re coming up with a brand new story – we’ve got eBooks that can help you tell it.

Learning to Write

Maybe you’ve never written anything before, but you’ve got a great idea and you want to learn how to get it down on paper in the best way. Start here:

How to Write Fiction / The Guardian (Overdrive/Libby)
How to Write Fantasy / Greg Strandberg (Hoopla)
How to Write / Gertrude Stein (Hoopla)
How to Write Everything / David Quantick (Hoopla)
How to Write a Sentence (And How to Read One) / Stanley Fish (Overdrive/Libby)

For Younger Writers

Telling a story is something that can be done at any age, and these titles by Cecilia Minden can get younger storytellers started on the right path:

How to Write A Play
How to Write A Poem
How to Write a Memoir
How to Write a Mystery
How to Write About Your Adventure
How to Write a Fairy Tale

For More Visual Storytellers

Maybe words aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather draw your story!

How to Draw Animals / Charles Liedl (Hoopla)
How to Draw 1 / William Powell (Hoopla)
How to Draw Pets / Aimee Willsher (Hoopla)
How to Draw Comics / Ilya (Hoopla)
How to Draw Everything / Peter Gray (Hoopla)

Now that you’ve got the tools to imagine and tell your own story, it’s time to take a Summer Reading Challenge and see what you’re made of! Read stories, write stories, draw stories, and do other fun activities and win prizes! Get started at mclib.net/summerreading.