Digital Skills

Skill or Knowledge
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Getting started with a computer This is the first lesson on this site. It runs about 15 minutes and has four parts: What is a computer, the mouse, the keyboard, and ports. (There will be more on keyboard/typing and the mouse later).
Using a PC or Mac You can choose either of these lessons: a PC is a Windows computer, and a Mac is an Apple computer. If unsure, watch PC. (22 minutes.) PC Mac
Using the Internet Skip down to number 5: Using a web browser and number 6: Understanding hyperlinks. GCF Global Internet Basics
Using the mouse, 1st option (click, double-click, drag and drop) This is a very short practice to help you get used to using the mouse. GCF Global mouse tutorial
Using the mouse, 2nd option (click, double-click, drag and drop) Playing this game is good mouse practice. It’s available on most computers, including at the library. Computer solitaire (find this from the start menu, bottom right corner of screen- games folder)
Typing Click on “Students” at the top, choose “typing lessons.” These drills may seem strange, but you’ll learn the keyboard. It will save you time later. Complete the beginner level.
Email To sign up for most email accounts, you have to have a phone that can get text messages. If you don’t have that, you can use Proton mail to sign up for your own email account. Proton email
Create an account online This class shows you how to set up a Google account, but the tips on creating good passwords will work for any other account. Getting started with Google Mclib YouTube class
Use Google apps With a Google account, there are many apps you can use. If you use another account, like an Apple or Microsoft account, they’ll have similar apps. Getting started with Google Mclib YouTube class
Email basics This class shows you Gmail, but other email platforms will have similar features. Getting started with Google Mclib YouTube class

Create a spreadsheet

Create a document

Create a presentation

This is a Grow with Google class recorded by the library. In this class, we show you how to open a template in three different Google programs. You’ll update a to-do list in Sheets, an agenda in Docs, and a presentation in Slides.

Digital Skills for Everyday Tasks