McAngler's Panfishing Derby

Beginning May 1st you can enter a recent photo of you and your best panfish caught, for a chance to win a basket full of cool fishing tackle and prizes at the McCracken County Public Library.  Participants ages 5 and up are eligible to win. The derby will run May 1st- June 7th.  There will be two brackets. Children ages 5-14, and Adults ages 15 and older.  All participants must have a library card to enter. All participant’s photos will be displayed up on the display board at the library for the month of June.  All photos must be submitted to the library and the entry forms completed and turned in no later than June 7th.

All participants under the age of 18 must have signed permission from a parent or guardian to enter.  Participants must read and follow a list of rules and regulations.  The drawing will take place on Monday, June 10, and the winners will be notified and announced on that same day, Monday, June 10th.  Don’t forget that “free fishing” weekend in Ky is on June 1st and 2nd.  Just in time for the fishing derby!  Best of luck McLib anglers!  We’re looking forward to seeing lots of great photos!

You can enter fish caught with your own rods or you can check one out at the Library!



McAngler’s Panfishing Derby Rules and Regulations


  • Participation is open to anyone 5 years of age and older. There will be two age brackets.  Children ages 5-14, and Adults 15 and up.
  • One entry per patron will be allowed.
  • Minors under the age of 18 must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian on the entry form.
  • The entry form MUST be filled out correctly to be eligible to enter the drawing.
  • The entry form MUST be submitted to the library along with the photos.
  •  All participants must have a current library card.
  • The signed entry form will allow for the library to display the patron’s photos on the display board.
  • Patron’s fish photos will be accepted May 1st- June 7th.  No Later.
  • Patrons may submit photos via email to the library info desk to print, or drop photos off at the circulation desk.
  • We encourage all participants 16 years and older to have a valid fishing permit.
  • All photos submitted must be taken within the past year. 
  • The patron’s photo must clearly show the patron holding their catch.
  • Please choose a photo that is good quality.  Remember, it’s going on display!
  • Patrons must resemble their photo.
  • Patrons may check out a rod and reel from the library or use their own equipment to participate in the derby.


  • Examples of PANFISH eligible for the derby are Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Rock Bass, Sunfish, Pumpkinseed (Shellcracker).
  • Patron photos with any larger fish, such as Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Striper, Trout, Etc., WILL NOT be eligible to enter the drawing, nor displayed on the display board.
  • The panfish may be caught out of any body of water, i.e. lakes, rivers, ponds.
  • Patrons may use any type of panfish bait of choice, live or artificial.  Crickets, Minnows, Crappie jigs, Popeyes, Beetle Spins, Etc.
  • A winner will be chosen for both Children’s and Adult’s age brackets.
  • The Children’s basket will be geared more for child anglers, but will consist of some lures with hooks, just FYI. 
  • The drawing will be on Monday, June 10th, the winners of the two brackets will be contacted and announced on that same day, Monday, June 10th.



*We trust that all participants will be mindful and respectful of their catches and conservation during the derby.  Don’t forget that “Free Fishing” weekend in KY is June 1st and 2nd! Have fun and best of luck! We’re looking forward to receiving some great photos!




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