These are the current policies that have been adopted by the Library's governing Board of Trustees. They are in place to ensure fair and equitable access to all of the Library's services by all patrons, protect patron confidential information, and abide by applicable laws and ordinances.

Questions about these policies may be directed in writing to Susan Baier, Library Director.

Policy Documents:
Mission and Values:

The McCracken County Public Library empowers everyone to discover, grow, learn and play through our programs, services and resources. We enrich our community by providing innovative programs, a diverse materials collection, access to technology and exceptional customer service.

Core values:

We are welcoming to all.
We are helpful and professional.
We are innovative.
We are responsible stewards of public resources.
We treat our patrons and each other with respect, dignity and kindness.

Strategic Initiatives:

(1)  Sustainability and fiscal responsibility: we are good stewards of public dollars and resources.

(2)  Community engagement: we connect with the community through outreach, partnerships and collaboration.

(3)  Customer experience: we provide exceptional customer service and maintain a comfortable, safe and welcoming library.

(4)  Learning and discovery: we connect people to information, experiences and ideas that help them learn, grow and be successful. We look for creative ways to increase access to learning and discovery for all in our community.

(5)  Innovation: we embrace new ideas and technology for the betterment of our library and our community.

ALA Statements:

The McCracken County Public Library also abides by and adheres to the American Library Association's:

Financial Documents

2016-17 Fiscal Year Audit: PDF
2017-18 Fiscal Year Audit: PDF

2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget: PDF
2018-19 Fiscal Year Budget: PDF

Board of Trustees:

Rachel Norton, President
Deborah Simon, Vice President
Janice Crosno, Secretary
Melony Smith, Treasurer
Crystal Rothrock

The board of trustees meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 4pm.

The Board of Trustees can be contacted directly at trustees@mclib.net

Contact the library:

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