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January 11, 2022 | Library Staff

OverDrive app discontinues Feb. 23, 2022

The OverDrive website states “…we will remove the OverDrive app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store in February 2022.

How this initial change will impact users:
Current OverDrive app users can continue to use the app.
New users looking for the OverDrive app will be directed to Libby.
All users can continue to use, borrow, and open titles from your library’s OverDrive website via a browser.”

If you have not already switched to the user-friendly Libby app, we recommend you do so. You can access instructions on how to do so here. If you have an older Apple or Android device, or a Kindle Fire, the Libby app may not appear in your app store–but don’t worry! We have steps around this listed below.

If you did not have OverDrive prior to February 23rd and you cannot download Libby, you can access the kyunbound.overdrive.com website through the internet browser on your device. If using a Kindle device, use your Silk browser to access the website. The icon will look like this:

Please note that when using a Kindle Fire and accessing the website through the Silk browser, you can only check out and download Kindle books.

If you are using an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, the default browser is Safari. Android devices, such as Samsung phones or tablets, will have Google Chrome as the default browser.

We have found this alternate way to download the Libby app onto a Kindle Fire, but it requires several steps. We can assist you if need be at the library!

Downloading Libby on a Kindle Fire 

1. On your device, go to “Settings,” then “Security” (or “Applications”) then select the option to “Enable Apps from Unknown Sources” (this will prompt a warning message–that is normal).  

2. Open your device’s Silk Browser and go to https://apps.goodereader.com/category/android-apps/. (Note this website is “good E reader.com”). In the top right corner of the page you should see a search box, search for “Libby.”  

3. An Icon for “Libby, by Overdrive” should show up, please click on the icon. A new page should open that explains the specs of the app and below the icon image there should be an orange “Download” button. Tap on the “Download” button.  

4. After the download is complete tap “Open” then “Install” to install the Libby app.  

5. Launch the Libby app from the Kindle’s carousel page to begin Libby’s Initial App Set Up.  

6. Go back to “Settings,” then “Security” and disable the setting “Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.”  

Here are basic steps to logging into, searching a title, and more on the Libby app:

1. Once the app has downloaded, indicate that you have a library card by tapping, “Yes.”  

2. Libby will then offer to Guess Your Library. “McCracken County Public Library” should pop up. If not, search for the library by our Zip Code (42003).  

3. You should now be in the Kentucky Library Unbound catalog. Tap “Add Your Card” on the right.  

4. Select McCracken County Public Library from the pulldown menu and enter your library card number. Sign in.  

Searching for a Title:  

There are many ways to go about discovering new books or looking for a specific author/title Note: eBooks are indicated with the open book icon, while eAudiobooks will have a headphone icon 

• The search field at the top of the page allows you to search by Author or Title (more if you use filters) o After tapping on the search field, a dropdown that says “More Options” will appear to the right. Tapping on this will open the filters page and allow you to better narrow your search o You can also tap on the plus sign on the left to filter your search results by your preferences (formats, languages, audiences, and availability) 

• Tap “Explore” on the right to locate different booklists based on subjects, target audience, and format  

Checking out an Item:  

• When you find an item you would like to check out, it should say “Borrow” or “Place Hold” next to the book’s cover image. If the title is currently checked out, you can join the waitlist by taping on “Place Hold”  

• If the title is available, tap “Borrow” next to the book’s cover image. A borrow confirmation screen should appear that confirms the length of your checkout, 7 days, 14 days or 21 days. Tap “Borrow” at the bottom to confirm your checkout. You can change the length of check out by tapping on the day amount at the top  

• Items by default only download when connected to wi-fi to reduce data usage. This can be changed in Libby’s options page. An icon to the left of the item’s cover image will indicates your item’s download status (a circled check mark indicates the whole title has been downloaded) 

• Once the item has downloaded you will have the options to “Open Book,” “Keep Browsing,” or “Go to shelf” (to see all the items you currently have checked out)  

• The item will automatically return by the due date, or you can manually return the item early by taping “Return” 

Please feel free to contact our information desk for tech assistance at (270) 442-2510 ext. 119!