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Read Like a Girl Book and Craft Club

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Read Like a Girl discussions are led by WKCTC's Kim Russell.

The Digital Collection

The Digital Collection is the library's online resource for accessing digital versions of photographs, historical documents, and artifacts from the Local and Family History Department.

The collection contains numerous collections relating to various aspects of Paducah's history. Taken together, the collections contain nearly 2,000 digital objects including photos, postcards, written documents, books, oral histories, and more.

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Love on a Leash

3rd Tuesday of the Month

During Love on a Leash, children can practice their reading to the lovable and patient pet therapy dogs!

Repeat attendees have a chance to win prizes!

Upcoming Events

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2nd Floor
Dec 03rd 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bring the whole family to the library and grab a board game to play after you check out your books and movies. We've got all your favorites, and you can play them in your favorite family-friendly environment - the public library! Just stop by the second floor desk on Thursday nights from 5-8pm and let us know which game you want to play.

For more information, contact the Youth Services department at 270-442-2510 x122.

Chess Lessons with James Patterson

During Family Game Night, local chess player and United States Chess Federation member James Patterson is here to teach anyone of any age about the game of chess. Patterson believes chess is an important tool for building problem-solving skills, increasing the ability to solve puzzles, keeping the brain healthy, and challenging us to think logically. Most of his early knowledge of the game came from reading books at the McCracken County Public Library.


Presented by Doug Tattershall, author of Belle Brezing: American Magdalene

Tattershall will discuss his recent book, American Magdalene: The Redemption of Belle Brezing, which, in its mere 72 pages, manages to put flesh on the bones of the Lexington's famous Madame.

Belle Brezing is perhaps the most famous madam in the history of the United States. When author Margaret Mitchell needed a hardscrabble woman to serve as confidante to Rhett Butler, her husband told her about Belle Brezing, the Victorian madam of a famous brothel in Lexington, Kentucky. Brezing entered Mitchell's novel as Belle Watling, but the real Belle's life story is as dramatic as anything found in the pages of Gone With The Wind. Brezing was born illegitimate, raised in poverty in a violent home, and at age fifteen with a baby in her arms was homeless when her door was padlocked by the landlord after her mother's funeral. From this desperate childhood, Brezing became rich and famous, operating what Time magazine called "the most orderly of disorderly houses."

With direct quotes, new insights and the balanced telling of the tale, he breathes new life into a fascinating old story. In his presentation he will detail the information available about Brezing, especially the valuable photographic collection. He will also focus on why there has been so much material collected about Belle.

Doug Tattershall grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, studied journalism and political science at the University of Kentucky, and worked as a news reporter for The Advocate-Messenger in Danville, Kentucky, before working in public relations. Today, he works as a freelance writer and media relations coordinator at the Lexington Public Library.

December 3, 2015 | 7:00 pm | 2nd Floor meeting room
All programs are free and open to the public.

Connecting People, Cultures and Ideas
For more information, contact Bobbie Wrinkle
Tel: 270-442-2510 ext. 117 (Toll-free 866-829-7532)

2nd Floor
Dec 04th 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Teen T.G.I.F. is a program for teens 11-17 years of age. Meet us at your public library on Friday afternoons at 4pm. There will be snacks (you like snacks, right?) and a problem(s) the library needs your help to solve. It is going to be challenging. Oh, yeah. We definitely need you. We need all the talent we can get to help with displays, programs, and everything else.

Are you up to the challenge?

Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, will be waiting for you this Friday at the McCracken County Public Library. Those who attend regularly will be eligible to win cool prizes. Visit us on Facebook to see some of the creative ideas from the TGIF group.

No registration is required. For more information, contact the Youth Services department at 270-442-2510 ext 122.

2nd Floor Conference Room
Dec 05th 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Every Saturday, we clear out the conference room to make room for our giant collection of Lego bricks! Legos at the Library is open to all children, boys and girls, that want to turn their creativity into something they can design and then build. Parents are welcome to get involved to build something amazing with their child. The best part is that the library requires shoes, so you can't step on a lego brick with your bare feet!

Legos at the Library is a chance for children to learn fine motor skills and problem solving, express their creativity and use their imaginations, and learn to share or even collaborate with others.

Be sure to join us every Saturday from 1-4pm in the second floor Conference Room.

For more information, contact the Youth Services department at 270-442-2510 x122.

2nd Floor Meeting Room
Dec 05th 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join author Terri Blom Crocker as she examines the periods of cease-fire that occurred during December of 1914 - events that came to be known as The Christmas Truce.

About the Author
Terri Blom Crocker is a graduate student in History and a senior paralegal for investigations at the University of Kentucky. She is a graduate of Elmira College and has a master's degree from the University of Kentucky. Her research focuses on modern British history and memory. She hails from New York City, and has lived in England, Wisconsin, the Netherlands, and Michigan. Terri's husband is a member of the Chemistry faculty at UK, and her daughter is an aspiring pharmacist. Terri loves to read, owns two three-legged cats and has a passion for 1970s progressive rock.

About the Book:
In late December 1914, German and British soldiers on the western front initiated a series of impromptu, unofficial ceasefires. Enlisted men across No Man's Land abandoned their trenches and crossed enemy lines to sing carols, share food and cigarettes, and even play a little soccer. Collectively known as the Christmas Truce, these fleeting moments of peace occupy a mythical place in remembrances of World War I. Yet new accounts suggest that the heartwarming tale ingrained in the popular imagination bears little resemblance to the truth.

In this detailed study, Terri Blom Crocker provides the first comprehensive analysis of both scholarly and popular portrayals of the Christmas Truce from 1914 to present. From books by influential historians to the Oscar-nominated French film Joyeux Noel (2006), this new examination shows how a variety of works have both explored and enshrined this outbreak of peace amid overwhelming violence. The vast majority of these accounts depict the soldiers as acting in defiance of their superiors. Crocker, however, analyzes official accounts as well as private letters that reveal widespread support among officers for the détentes. Furthermore, she finds that truce participants describe the temporary ceasefires not as rebellions by disaffected troops but as acts of humanity and survival by professional soldiers deeply committed to their respective causes.

The Christmas Truce studies these ceasefires within the wider war, demonstrating how generations of scholars have promoted interpretations that ignored the nuanced perspectives of the many soldiers who fought. Crocker's groundbreaking, meticulously researched work challenges conventional analyses and sheds new light on the history and popular mythology of the War to End All Wars.

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The Guilty / David Baldacci

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Game of Thrones Season 5 [DVD]

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Minions [DVD]

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