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October 15, 2022 | Lea Wentworth

Increased Accessibility for Large Print

We’ve made some exciting changes to the first floor this week. When you head to the stacks in search of your next great read, you will likely find it’s not where you expect. In an effort to make browsing easier, we have moved our Large Print Collection to the front, with Audio Books right behind, Fiction is towards the back and along the side where Large Print and Audio Books used to be. If you are searching for Non Fiction, you will find it where it has always been. The “before” image illustrates how our floor was arranged and the “after” image illustrates where you can expect to find things now. Thank you for your patience while we made the change. 

And, as always we are happy to assist you if you need help finding something!

The above image is how the materials used to be arranged.
The above image is how the materials on the first floor of the library are arranged now.