Homebound / Outreach

Books can be a great escape, but only if you have access to them. The McCracken County Public Library staff knows many patrons cannot borrow materials because they cannot physically come to the library itself. Our Homebound services lets these library patrons continue to have access to library materials. 

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Those phyisically unable to visit the library due to age or illness, or because they are in a rehab center, physically impaired, injured, or in a long-term care facility or retirement center are eligible for this service.
  • The homebound status may be permanent or temporary.
  • The service is available to patrons living in McCracken County.
How can I apply?

Apply Online Print a Form [PDF]
Paper applications are available at the library. You may also request an application be mailed to you by calling
270-442-2510, ext. 118.

How does it work?

1. Fill out an application for Homebound service.  You may choose to receive books, audiobooks, or both.
2. Our Homebound Coordinator will contact you to discuss the program and your reading preferences.
3. Materials can be delivered to you in one of two ways:

The library will mail materials to private addresses.

  • Library staff will hand-deliver materials to those living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or hospitals.