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May 12, 2020 | Zach Underwood

Home Brewing: From Grains to Glass

McCracken County Public Library presents a talk on the art of home brewing led by Tom Knight!

Knight is a homebrewer with 15 years of experience. He has brewed over 350 gallons of beer, with a 96.5% success rate.

In this presentation, he will discuss the basics of home brewing from all extract to all grain brewing. He will cover the science of fermentation, measuring for temperatures and alcohol deterioration, and most importantly cleanliness and sanitation of equipment and storage vessels.

Knight is a special education teacher at McNabb Elementary School. He is head chess coach for all Paducah Public Schools chess teams. He has a Bachelors for Special Education and Elementary Education, and a Masters in Education for Moderate to Severe Disabilities; both degrees are from Murray State University. He owns West Kentucky Chess and is a board member of the Purchase Chess Foundation.