Roth Funeral Home Records

The Roth Funeral Home database, which includes records dating from 1958 to 1999, is searchable by the last name of the deceased. Each record of the database includes the deceased’s date and place of birth, marital status, street address, occupation, parents’ names and birthplaces. Information about the deceased’s death, such as location, place, and cause, is also available as well as relevant information about their funeral and burial.

Provided here is extracted information from the physical records which were donated to the library by Roth Funeral Home and contain information about the individuals cared for by the funeral home’s services. In the span of the records included here, the Roth Funeral Chapel was also associated with the names Harris, Barker, and Fendley. To access physical and digital copies of the Roth Funeral Home Ledgers, please visit the Local and Family History Department at the McCracken County Public Library.

Thanks to Hutch Hutchinson, Lindsey Funeral Home, and the McCracken County Genealogical and Historical Society for helping to ensure that these records were preserved for future generations.