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February 25, 2022 | Library Staff

Learning Digital Skills At Your Own Pace 

If you don’t have confidence in your digital skills, (or think you have none), it can be intimidating to be sent to a computer to fill out a form, print out a return label, activate a credit card, or other similar tasks.   

The good news is that there are many free resources that can help you to learn.  With the resources listed in this article, you can learn at your own pace either at home, in a computer lab, or at the library.  

1) A checklist of skills for beginners 

If you are a beginner, a good place to start is the Digital Skills Checklist: https://www.mclib.net/libraries-lead-with-digital-skills/.  This will walk you through several free resources to teach you how to use the mouse and keyboard, set up online accounts, and how to use email.  These begin as short videos, then there are some hands-on activities, and it ends in longer video classes.  

Here’s a video that explains the checklist. You may need some help with getting to the first few steps of the checklist, but before long, you’ll know what to do. 

2) Classes on YouTube 

The library has several digital skills classes saved to YouTube, and we’ve just added a few videos to our YouTube collection of digital skills lessons: 

Many of our video lessons are in YouTube playlists

  • Beginners: Digital skills checklist level 1; Getting started with Google; Digital skills for everyday tasks. 
  • Job-searchers: Apply for a job online; Power your job search; Write a resume using Cypress or templates; Design a resume in Canva. 
  • Business: Get your local business on Google search; Managing a project using digital tools; Collaborate, meet, and work remotely; Connect with customers and manage your business.  
  • Digital library: Accessing your library account; Digital library overview and Freegal instructions; Using Hoopla; Using Kentucky Libraries Unbound; Tablets and smartphones. 

3) LinkedIn Learning 

If you are looking for more advanced classes, try LinkedIn Learning.  (You’ll need your library card number and PIN to access this.)  LinkedIn Learning is video-based.  The videos have transcripts, and some of them have downloads of supplemental materials.  LinkedIn Learning has some classes for beginners, but most are on more advanced topics like app development, network security, and data analysis.  They also have tutorials on subjects like career planning, public speaking, and photography.  It’s a great source for career-related, business, or tech information. 

If you watch these videos and try out the skills demonstrated, you will develop digital skills more quickly than you’d think.  These classes can teach you how to use the internet, use email, use e-books, and more.