10 Titles Set in New Orleans to Check Out this Mardi Gras

Zach Underwood | 27 February, 2019

10 Titles Set in New Orleans to Check Out this Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a celebration that’s strongly linked to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Every year, elaborate parades featuring lavish floats fill the streets of the city’s French Quarter, and it’s most famous street, Bourbon Street. The following titles each capture the essence of the city of New Orleans in different ways, either as simply as a  setting, or as a deeply integral part of the story itself.


The City of Lost Fortunes

Bryan Camp


The post-Katrina New Orleans of The City of Lost Fortunes is a place haunted by its history and by the hurricane's destruction, a place that is hoping to survive the rebuilding of its present long enough to ensure that it has a future. Street magician Jude Dubuisson is likewise burdened by his past and by the consequences of the storm, because he has a secret: the magical ability to find lost things, a gift passed down to him by the father he has never known--a father who just happens to be more than human.


The Awakening

Kate Chopin

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Unsatisfied with the expectations of Creole society and unhappy with her family life, Edna Pontellier begins to fall in love with the dapper Robert Lebrun. Lebrun's flirtations, along with the lifestyle of renown musician Mademoiselle Reisz, rejuvenates Edna's sense of freedom and independence. However, an affair with the womanizer Alcee Arobin provides Edna with a taste of the danger that comes with living outside of social convention. Trapped between the life she is expected to live and the life she longs to lead, will Edna find happiness?


Interview with a Vampire

Anne Rice


The time is now. We are in a small room with the vampire, face to face, as he speaks--as he pours out the hypnotic, shocking, moving, and erotically charged confessions of his first two hundred years as one of the living dead...


Midnight Bayou

Nora Roberts

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There was something about Manet Hall that called out to Declan Fitzgerald, as the Boston lawyer purchases the grand old mansion in New Orleans, trading his briefcase for a toolbelt. But as he begins renovations, he starts feeling inexplicable sensations of terror...and nearly unbearable grief.


Never Never

Colleen Hoover


Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning. He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget.


The Pelican Brief

John Grisham

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In suburban Georgetown, a killer's Reeboks whisper on the floor of a posh home. In a seedy D.C. porno house, a patron is swiftly garroted to death. The next day America learns that two of its Supreme Court justices have been assassinated. And in New Orleans, a young law student prepares a legal brief.


The Neon Rain

James Lee Burke


New Orleans Detective Dave Robicheaux has fought too many battles: in Vietnam, with police brass, with killers and hustlers, and the bottle. Lost without his wife's love, Robicheaux haunts the intense and heady French Quarter--the place he calls home, and the place that nearly destroys him when he beomes involved in the case of a young prostitute whose body is found in a bayou. Thrust into the seedy world of drug lords and arms smugglers, Robicheaux must face down the criminal underworld and come to terms with his own bruised heart and demons to survive.


The Map of Moments

Christopher Golden


Max Corbett has returned to New Orleans for the funeral of his former girlfriend, Gabrielle Doucette, but between the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the devastation of his ruined relationship, the city feels alien. At Gabrielle's graveside, Max meets Ray. Over a bottle of bourbon in a dive bar, the two discuss Gabrielle's unique connection to the city. Ray suggests that this connection might mean her tragic death is not truly her end. And he happens to know a real magic practitioner--not some Bourbon Street phony--who could open a window to the past and send a warning to Gabrielle.


Lost Souls

Poppy Brite


The children of the night gather, dressed in black, look for acceptance. Among them are Ghost, who sees what others do - Ann, longing for love; and Jason, whose real name is Nothing, newly awakened to an ancient, deathless truth about his father, and himself.


A Streetcar Named Desire

Tennessee Williams

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It is a very short list of 20th-century American plays that continue to have the same power and impact as when they first appeared--57 years after its Broadway premiere, Tennessee Williams'A Streetcar Named Desire is one of those plays. The story famously recounts how the faded and promiscuous Blanche DuBois is pushed over the edge by her sexy and brutal brother-in-law, Stanley Kowalski.Streetcar launched the careers of Marlon Brando, Jessica Tandy, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden, and solidified the position of Tennessee Williams as one of the most important young playwrights of his generation, as well as that of Elia Kazan as the greatest American stage director of the '40s and '50s.


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